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birthday cake


Another drabble for the lovely halesanchor.  <3 Much love, Sierra!


It’s his birthday and he just wants a cake. Not even necessarily an extravagant one. Just a simple cake from a box with store bought frosting and absolutely no birthday candles.

But you can’t always get what you want.

Stiles has been on him for ages about healthy alternatives for almost everything, but sometimes a man just wants an unhealthy as hell cake.

He looks morosely at the boxes of cake mix and frosting, before sighing and walking away.

They need milk.

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Lingering at the Start by CupcakeGirlA (Mature, 22,000+)

»Their first warning is the phone call. Their second is Lydia’s voice, rising up and echoing out in every direction. The dead are walking and no one is safe.

Anyone watch both Arrow and Teen Wolf? I’m working on something.